Parable #1

  • There was a homeless man who lived by a lake. Each day the man would wake up and Pray, “God please help me! I’m hungry, and could use your help!” As the man was walking one day he stepped on a hook which caused him to bleed, so the man took the hook out of his foot, knew he had to keep moving so he looked around to then find a stick he could use to support him on his journey (basically a walking stick). Eventually the man continued on his journey. As he was walking past a sweet old lady who was sewing she asked him to sit down, she talked with him, and gave him half of her sandwich that she packed. After the man ate and had a long day of getting around he needed a quick nap, so he dozed off. When he woke up she was gone but he found that she left her sewing string. Now as the man sits and looks at a flowing lake of fish, does he realize that God sent him a hook, a strong enough stick to support him, and string to use daily which can be put together to fish everyday?? Or is he only thinking he was given half of a sandwich?? #Love
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