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Christian Palmer

Most of my life has been a normal one, with all the normal trials, struggles, and desires most people encounter today. But the truth about a normal life is today is that it’s founded on the idea that I come first, and everyone else behind me. It was only after being compelled to read about the gospel of Jesus that I saw what true life is meant to be, not one of serving yourself and thus being spiritually dead and destined for hell, but one like Jesus lived which was first for God and others, and lastly himself. Only after following him and living in the freedom God has given me through him have I experienced the true joy of a selfless and love filled life, and now look forward to the eternal joy that awaits me.

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DeAnthony Zanders

First off what a blessing to be a blessing to someone who I may not know by sharing a quick testimony. A couple years back a situation happened completely out of my control. It changed my life and allowed me to let go and let God! I was driving home in rainy weather to start getting ready for church. I was on the freeway so I would say I was going 65+ mph. It was only a few cars on the road but for some reason we were bunched up and suddenly the pack of cars spread out and I found my self in the middle. Taking a turn (shoulder) on I80 I lost completely control due to the wet surface and I spun at least 6 times. In the midst of a storm I could see every full turn a semi approaching, I also seen the median and prepare myself to hit it… but God! After spinning multiple times and seeing tragedy flash before my eyes. I ended up on the side of the road, no wreck or collision with another vehicle, and I was facing the right direction! I lifted my hands and went in to total praise. I had no control. Things happened fast but in slow motion at the same time. Since then I have worried less what I can or can’t handle and have completely let God control and lead my life/decisions! My hope is that if you read this you recommit to allowing God to control all aspects of your life!

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Isaiah Gabriel Palmer

I was raised in a Christian home, a divided home, but a Christian one. My mother raised my younger brother and I single-handed for the most part until later when she married my step dad. My mother raised us Catholic, though each summer visiting my biological father, I would be exposed to Protestant churches. From my upbringing in the Christian faith and my exposure to multiple Christian institutions, I realized from a young age that God did not dwell only in a particular Christian sect or church, but embodied the person, the individual, the real Christian.
Throughout middle school and high school I prayed, but more or less lived a life for me, characterized by self-pleasing with all the pleasures and lusts thereof. I didn't think of the Christian life as set apart or different, just that my sole duty was to believe. It wasn't until college, that the Holy Spirit gently kept nudging and teaching me, prompting me to follow Jesus' teachings, not just to hear them but to follow them. Through reading the Bible I learned that I should "repent" lest I likewise perish too, for even the demons believe in God. The idea being that it counts for little if one believes in Christ but doesn’t lift a finger to live like a Christian, for even the demons (destined for hell) believe in Christ, and this does not save them.
In short, in college I learned that being a Christian was also about acting like one.
I got baptized in a swimming pool my junior year of college and actively attended church.
Currently I see God’s Hand in my life, leading me, guiding me, and convicting me of sin and error in my heart from time to time. I would like to say that my walk with Christ now is easy, effortless and that I feel righteous by my actions and efforts to live a godly life. However, my reality is one of depending on Christ’s righteousness to justify me, to continue to lean on the Holy Spirit to help me overcome sin in my life, and continue to confess faults where they occur in my life to brothers in the faith and keep it going one day at a time.
Throughout all the struggles, pain, uncertainty of the future, triumph and failure, I know that He which hath begun a good work in me, will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Thank you and God bless,


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Vini Pandya

I was born and raised as a Hindu. Knowing, doing and practicing my faith with sincere devotion as much as I could. Since Hindu faith involves worshiping and praying before many gods and goddesses, I did that with sincere devotion. My personal religion included idol worship, sun worship, lighting a candle in front of a holy tree or a plant, offering food to the cow considering it to be a holy animal. My upbringing included good deeds, fear of god (The Supreme higher power - though we were not exactly sure who that was), being kind hearted, not to hurt other people’s feelings, to live and let live and always value others feelings and not hurt anyone as my mum always said, “we should never grieve another human heart as God’s soul dwells in them”.

And even though I was well provided for by my parents, we had a pretty healthy family and extended family, I grew up kind-hearted, had a loving family with good social life. And I was doing everything I could to personally know God. I had memorized a lot of prayers and worship songs by heart. Though I was very religious, but still lacked a relationship with God. There was a big hollowness inside of me. It seemed like a vacuum that needed to be filled. So I started questioning everything about my faith, existence and religion. I started asking for a logic behind everything we did at home. Especially because a lot of things we did or rituals we performed, were things that were passed on to us by our ancestors without any proper revelation or knowledge of why we did certain things, the way we did. Or at least, I could not find any answers to my own questions at the time.

Then I started to ask the gods of Hindu faith to come in my dream, or to reveal themselves to me so I could get clarity about my faith. I was getting super confused, because there were millions of gods and we could even reach out to a different god for a different need and were even allowed to have a favorite god. I was also battling with this question about different countries in the world having different gods to follow. So even though I had lived only my religion but now the bigger battle was about the world following so many gods. I thought to myself, “how could there be a different god for a different country?” I thought, “shouldn’t there be only one supreme power governing the whole universe?”

My quest and my heart’s desire to know God kept on increasing and I was battling with these thoughts. I was totally confused and was truly on a quest to find answers, especially when the Hindu population of India is about 80 percent. So obviously I was not surrounded by very many Christians.

But in spite of how the atmosphere was around me, my heart was searching for God, for the One True God. All this while, I was truly and sincerely worshipping and following the gods I knew. Even though I was searching, I had never known any other way so I was searching amongst the ones I already knew. I never visualized anything else till this point.

I prayed and cried in desperation many times alone under my blanket for God to come in my dream or to simply show up. One time when I was alone at home, I screamed in front of the calendar on which one of the deity’s photos was printed, that “why don’t you come and show yourself to me”? I had only one desire, just to meet with God.

One night while I was pursuing my graduation, it was around 2:00 am and I was studying for my exams that were going to start in just two weeks time. I again said a prayer to God and asked him to reveal Himself to me. This time I called on the names of all the gods and goddess that I could think of, I even called the names of the holy saints that we had heard of in India. I called gods of all religions and said, “Be it a God of the Hindus (I believe I called all the names that came to my mind), or the God of the Muslims or the Sikhs or the Christians or the Chinese or the Jains, or the Buddhists or even if you are Dalai Lama or any sadhus or babas, please please please come and reveal yourself to me”, “I want to see you”, “I want to know you”. I remember saying, “I will follow you, no matter what, but I need to know the One who is True”.

I was sitting there with my eyes closed in anticipation that I might see a light or a candle that I used to see many times when I would sit in my temple. I thought, this time I might see something more powerful like a Hindu symbol of any god and that would be enough to make me feel good at that time. And with my closed eyes, I looked towards my center left still asking God to show up and to my biggest and scariest surprise, I saw a HUGE BURNING BLAZING CROSS with orange color flames on it. The Cross with flames burning on it looked indescribably pure and holy. I felt a strong conviction, and as if the burning flames on the cross were telling me, “Come, follow me”. But honestly, as I saw that cross, I was startled and thought “how could this be”! That same moment I thought if this is true, then what I did all these years was all wrong? And suddenly my own life till that point flashed in front of me, about all the religious activities that I participated in. And here I was standing at a cross road with something new altogether. But with such a strong conviction that this untraveled road looked like my future.

Straight after that I closed my books and slept thinking that I was going crazy. There was no one with whom I could talk to about all this as no one would understand. People were going about their business normally. I was the one in a different world altogether.

The next evening another strange thing happened. I received a phone call from a Pastor’s son who was from my school. I had no contact with this person for three years as we had left school and were in college at that time. But, I firmly believe now that God prompted him to call me that evening. I hesitantly talked about my vision to him and he was so convinced and told me that God was knocking at my heart’s door and by bringing all my doubts I was closing the door on Him. He asked me to read the Bible for myself and to give the Lord Jesus Christ one chance in my life.

I started reading the Bible and The Holy Spirit started washing me and cleansing me. I would sit on my knees and weep and ask Him for forgiveness for things that I never even thought of. I acknowledged to Him that I was a sinner and I was in desperate need of Him. It was all the work of the Holy Spirit, no one came and told me all these things other than the Holy Spirit Himself. He became my teacher and my life started to change from that point and now my Lord Jesus Christ is the first love of my life. He has filled all areas of my life. He has become everything to me. I will serve and worship Him till my last breath.

God bless you all!

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I met Isaiah what seems like years ago, his story inspired me a lot he also did wrestling camps that my younger brother attended. We've always backed GGMGGY, whether it was wrist bands or apparel. I've had random people come up to me asking me about the brand and the testimony that paved the way for a new generation of people who walk the path of God. Thanks Isaiah for being an inspiration and renewing my faith!!

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Matthew Allen Baatz

This is just one part of my Living Testimony.

My name is Matthew Allen Baatz.
I was born on the 8th of January, 1987.
I do not claim to be part of any religion. I am a Non-religious, Born Again Child of Ahayaha, The Living God, The Most High God; through He Who is the Promised Seed of Abraham, the Messiah, God Almighty in the flesh, Christ Jesus, Yashahaya Hamashiach!

Before I share this portion of my testimony, I would like to ask a question: “What is religion, if nothing more than the culmination of countless theories mankind has produced, in order to provide a basis of justification for a 'selfless’ ego?” I did not ask that question with malicious intent, but with the intent on bridging the gap.
The idea of religion seems to do more for division, than it does for unity.
Therefore I am curious, genuinely curious.
What if everyone who went to church picked up a Bible and read it for themselves? I believe that by studying the teachings and Words of The Living God, they would realize that they've been mislead by the blind and have been lead down the broad path, through the wide gate of religion, that leads straight for the Pit; because true Christianity is not religious, but an absolute way of life.

As a child, and through my early teenage years, I was told about Jesus Christ, Creation, His Sacrifice and the Holy Spirit. But there was never any real discussion about the Spiritual Awakening, Mysticism, Supernatural Experiences, Union with the Creator, etc.
So my experiences were the typical, "repeat this prayer after me, and you'll be saved." And, of course, the upturned noses of the average congregation, the gossip rings, the materialistic hearts, etc. In other words, my experiences were predominantly with the religion and not the actual way of life.
Since my rebirth I've come to the realization that Christianity, as with other religions, has been plagued with religious zealots, sadly. Thus it seems the majority of those whom assert themselves as "leaders" in their churches are pushing the religion, rather than the selfless, spiritual and unified as one, way of life that Yeshua/Jesus really came here to reveal.

Think about how we all have two hands, each with five digits. Each one is able to cooperate with the other and work independently of each other, too. All the while, being driven, fueled, energized, or powered by the same person, or source, if you will.
Each of us are connected, we can feel each others pain, loss and tragedy. Like when we’re driving and we pass by an accident scene and see a young woman clutching an empty car seat, crying uncontrollably. We feel what that pain must be like, and some of us may even mourn for her, empathize with her. And yet as we continue on towards our destination, we're unwittingly demonstrating our ability to still act independently of one another.
The energy we put out into the world, the power to speak life or death into the reality around us, it's the same that connects us; it's the Source, The Living God.
I don't know, it just seems like when we start placing labels, or a cover onto something that is self evident, it only gives another anchor for the ego to grab hold of.
But I digress.

There’s something that I can’t seem to get out of my head, “If we are all connected, in one way or another, then there has to be a purpose, a reason for being. Why am I here?”

Let’s go back to a time before I chose to make any real, significant changes to my life. Before someone shared specific Bible verses with me, asking that I read them with a truly open mind and not to associate them with religion, but just observe them from the perspective that they represent a different way of life.

I was made aware that this part of my testimony may be offensive to some. If you are offended by my testimony, by the truth I’m sharing, when nothing of what I’m saying could possibly be directed toward you, then you may want to ask yourself why and diligently seek out the answer.

When I was a child I was forced to witness and experience some things that no person, especially any child, should ever have to go through. A man who was 'trusted' to watch over my sister and I would always force me to watch graphic horror movies whilst taking my sister into a back room to help her with homework, sometimes for several hours. I remember he would tell me not to turn the TV off, or change the channel for any reason, and that if I did, “there will be consequences.” At some point I remember having changed the channel to something a bit more age appropriate. That same afternoon when our mom came to pick us up, this man told my mom, "Matthew deliberately disobeyed me! He didn't want to eat what you'd put in his lunchbox, so he waited until I went to help your daughter with her homework to throw it out. When I told him I wouldn't make him anything else to eat, he threw those on the floor!” He pointed to some of his wife's 100+ year old, early depression glassware that HE had actually shattered on the floor!
When I was dropped off at his house the next day, with a belt-worn-and-blistered behind, he made certain to tell me, "The next time you don't do exactly as I say, will be even worse. Understand?” I nodded, holding back tears as he stood in front of me, squishing my feet under the weight of his boot clad foot. He sneered, and almost chuckled as he said, “Good.”

But by the time I'd turned 5, things only got worse. One day, he would decide to take me into this back bedroom. (the same one he would take my sister into when he was “helping her with homework”) I remember standing in front of the door just before he opened it, and what he said to me, “If you tell anyone, anything, about what I’m going to show you, it will be the last mistake you ever make. I will kill you. But before I kill you, I’ll make you watch as I kill your mommy, your daddy, and your sister. Do you understand me?” I nodded, crying. He opened the door and forced me to sit in a chair in the corner of the room and watch, as he molested my older sister. This man eventually grew tired of her and turned his perverted attention towards me…
At the age of 5, I was raped.
Because of that, hate and anger began to consume my life.

No matter what I tried, even with the heavy use of drugs and alcohol, it was never enough to numb the pain. My life seemed to spiral out of control, which came to a head in 2003, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and told she'd only have about 3 - 9 months, at best.
She passed away on December 22, 2005 and everything collapsed.

I blamed myself for her death. I convinced myself, “all the stress I'd caused her throughout my teen years is what sent her over the edge.”

And it was all because of what that one man did to my sister and I.
I kept thinking over and over again how much I hate him. ‘I hate him, my mom's dead now because of HIM! She's gone, but HE gets to live?’
As the tears rolled down my cheek, I yelled, "NO! FUCK YOU, GEORGE! JUST YOU WAIT!" just before taking another hit from that glass pipe.

Long story short, I found myself in prison not long after my mom had passed away. No, not because I found George and killed him, (although I'd be lying if I said I hadn't planned on it) but because the choices I made in order to feed my overwhelming habits had finally caught up with me.

I found myself wearing the Florida Blues, as an inmate at Brevard Correctional Institution in Cocoa, Florida. At the time. this Department of Corrections facility was classified for Youthful Offender inmates, between the ages of 16 and 24.
It was through the trials I'd face in this place, known amongst the other inmates as nothing other than 'gladiator school', where I started to ask myself one simple question... "Why?"

Why was I always angry, why was I so full of hate? Why did I look at other hispanic men and immediately think them to be evil and disturbing? Why did I always compare them to George?
Because, George was hispanic.
We are all taught to acknowledge an idea that our race is somehow a factor in who, or what, we are destined to become.

Why does it seem so hard to look beyond what our eyes are able to physically see?
That's when I realized, my life can't change unless my perspective changes.
My perspectives won't change, unless I change the way I think.
I can't change the way I think, unless I acknowledge the thoughts which promote negativity and make an active effort to stop them before they take root in my heart.
Once we're able to stop dwelling on these thoughts, we have the ability to change them. Changing our thoughts away from the things that propagate an eye for an eye, to thoughts that encourage selflessness, acceptance, charity, sacrifice and forgiveness doesn't just change your outlook on life; it changes your life, entirely.

Remember I mentioned how someone had shared some specific Bible verses with me, asking that I look at them, not as words from a religious book, but as a way of life and read them with an open mind?

Here are those verses:
"Do not imitate the way of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, that you may discern what is that good and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” - Romans 12:2‭

“Let not your love be deceitful. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.” - Romans 12:9

“Bless them which persecute you; bless, and curse not. Rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Be of the same mind one toward another. Mind not vain glory, but associate with those who are humble. Be not wise in your own conceits. Recompense to no man evil for evil. But be careful to do good things before the presence of all men.” - Romans 12:14‭-‬17

“Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is mine: I will execute justice for you, said the LORD. Therefore if your enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink; for in so doing, you shall heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” - Romans 12:‬19‭-‬21

After reading them I had to ask myself, "Why couldn't I live this way?”

So while I was incarcerated, I surrendered my life to the Creator and made the decision to follow after The Living God. I turned to the One Whom I'd kept running away from, Jesus Christ. I Prayed and asked that He would speak to me at my core, through the Comforter, the Holy Ghost; Who reveals the real Power through the LOVE that Jesus Lived!
Shortly after my Metanoia, I was transferred from Brevard Correctional Institution, to Lake City Correctional Facility and was approved to participate in a faith based program that was offered there. During one of the morning programs, the volunteer that day asked if anyone had something they wanted to share. I started thinking about all of the anger and hatred I had toward that man, George, because of what he'd done. The thought, "what if I should share that?" Came to mind. But I instantly shot it down, because I was just WAY TOO nervous, I was NOT the one who was comfortable standing in front of even a few people, let alone the whole dorm!
If I knew that their eyes were focused on me, I was a nervous wreck! Any time I was called to the front of the class in school, I would stutter and stammer like it was going out of style!
But the moment I started to reject that idea, I immediately felt these warm, tingly waves flow over me and I felt lead to share something. I just didn’t know what it was that I was going to say.
I stood up, in a dormitory of roughly 60 other men and shared my story of overcoming anger and hatred and how, by the Grace of God Almighty, I was finally able to forgive George for what he'd done.
Mrs. McDaniels, the coordinator of the program, came to me afterwards and asked some questions about the testimony I shared. Specifically, she wanted to know if there was anything else related to that situation, or time in my life, that I may have unintentionally left out.
There was something.
Right around the time all of that was going on, when I was 5 going on 6 years old, my dad claims that he saw something truly evil one night. This is what he told me regarding what he saw, “You were just finishing up with your bath, so I opened the door to your bedroom just enough to grab the change of clothes I set on top of your dresser. When I couldn’t grab them, I figured they must have fallen off the dresser, so I opened the door in order to look and see where they were. The moment I turned on the light, my eyes were pulled to your bedroom window, and what I saw standing outside of your bedroom window had me frozen in absolute terror. I can’t explain how I know, but I KNOW it was the devil standing outside your bedroom window that night.”
To this very day he is convinced it wasn't a demon, but Satan himself standing there.
After sharing that with Mrs. McDaniels, she nodded slightly and muttered, “Yes, I see.”
She then asked if I'd noticed anything unusual while I was sharing my testimony with the dorm. I responded and said I wasn't sure what she meant.
She clarified by saying that every single man in that program, even the ones who'd normally be playing cards, writing, drawing, or otherwise not paying any mind to the guest speaker, were all watching me, listening and following along with me as I spoke, as I paced back and forth, making eye contact with everyone I could. She concluded our conversation by saying, "I know, in my Spirit, that you have an important purpose. I believe that God has a mighty plan for you in this life. That He is going to use you in ways that will bring down enemy strongholds. Strongholds that have been building up for generations will be utterly destroyed, because your testimony is living proof that God IS Alive and when we Call upon His Name, ALL things ARE possible! Mark my words, Matthew; God isn’t finished with you yet. The enemy wants to destroy you, and he may try; but no matter what the devil tries to throw in front of you, God WILL USE IT in a way that will Magnify His Name, and Glorify The Kingdom of Heaven!”
That was said to me back in 2009, about 3 - 6 months before I completed my sentence and was released from Lake City Correctional Facility. Oh how the enemy has tried, and tried, and tried!
To give you one example, let’s Fast-Forward about 8 years…

On January 17th, 2017 I was involved in an automobile accident that, by all counts, should have been fatal. I'm always reminded of what the 1st Responders were saying to the doctors and nursing staff when they had gotten me to the Emergency Room,
"Listen, I can't even believe he's here, alive, breathing... you have a real miracle here, especially if he's able to walk after this.”
Right up until that moment, the nurse hadn't known the extent of the damage to my car, then the EMT showed her a picture from the accident scene, and her mouth just dropped. She looked at me, as if she couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. I felt as though I was reading her mind as I held eye contact with her, I swear I could HEAR her thoughts, 'WHAT!? HOW did you make it out of that alive!'
I shrugged and thought to myself, I'm trying to figure that out, too! (I can provide some photos of the car from the accident scene, if anyone's interested)
I did require ORIF, which is Open Reduction Internal Fixation surgery on my right tibia, due to a significant Tibial Plateau Fracture; and on my left wrist, due to a significant Distal Radius Fracture. A metal plate was affixed to the broken bones, accompanied by some rather long screws, pulling the bone together and helping them to heal better. I was given very clear direction, that under absolutely NO circumstances should I walk on, or apply any direct weight to my right leg for a full 12 weeks. I had to be careful not to any weight on my left wrist, too, which meant the use of crutches was out of the question for at least 3 months. This made traveling out to be a real challenge, but on the plus side, I had to hop around on my left leg every where we went, so skipping leg day wasn't an option! I also had a massive pulmonary contusion, (both lungs were all but completely bruised) a broken rib, 2 or 3 fractured ribs, a broken clavicle, fractured sternum, my left hand had several other fractures, and the carpal bones had become displaced.

After a few days in the hospital, post surgery, I was beginning to experience some pretty heavy chest pains, and as time crept by it was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe. The nurse decided to take a listen, and she was a little concerned because the symptoms indicated the potential for fluid buildup around the lungs, also known as Pleural Effusion. Not to be outdone by the rest of this vessel, my lungs had a thing or two to say, if you will. They decided to perform an ultrasound in order to get a good look at what sounds my lungs were making, and they found fluid... a lot of it.
The doctor who was performing the ultrasound said she needed to act quickly, (she was very calm, considering the gravity of the situation, the kind of doctor you want) because of the sheer volume of fluid that was compacting my lung cavity, it appeared that my right lung had nearly collapsed all together. She immediately prepared to perform a Thoracentesis, the procedure in which a needle is inserted into the pleural space between the lungs and the chest wall, in this case, by inserting the needle between two of the ribs in my back. Talk about some pressure!
When she was finished, she couldn't believe what she was looking at... a 1,000 milliliter (1 liter) bottle, full of blood that she just removed from my chest cavity.
The average human body has approximately 4 - 6 liters of blood, so depending on what my body typically produces, any where from 1/4, 1/5 or 1/6 of the total volume of my blood, was in my lung cavity.
The doctor said this was caused by the force of the collision, which had broken the one rib bone and this break had been pushed towards my lungs, causing just enough trauma to bleed internally, without actually puncturing through the lining.
Had the lining been punctured, my lungs would have filled with that liter of blood, which would have been more than enough to cause drowning... I was literally within millimeters of being drowned by milliliters of my own blood!
Talk about a miracle!

I just can’t seem to shake this notion that there's more to this life, like I'm here for something...
Again, the question begs an answer, “why am I here?”

I'm still learning, day in and day out.

I still fail to 'toe the line’, day in and day out.

But it's because of those failures that we are able to examine the circumstances, learn from them, and then apply what we learn.

It was through my many personal failures I finally came to realize, I CAN live that way. But what I get out of it, is wholly dependent upon what I put into it.

Do you know what Jesus Christ Promised?

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

It was just my time to make that change, I suppose. To stop thinking like my parents, or their parents, or like those people who portray themselves to be leaders for good, but sow tares amongst the seeds in the field.
It was time to take back my mind, and my destiny.

Thanks for taking the time to read this mini-book! 😅

I still have a lot to learn, but I can't shake this notion that once we can collectively push beyond the walls of religious and scientific (as it is today) hypocrisy, the toxic influence of "approved" media programming, and corrupt governments; unified as One in Christ Jesus, with Selfless Love for our Creator, our neighbors and, yes, even our enemies; the foundations of the carnal Earth will tremble and this world will be turned upside down, for the better. Remember, Jesus said, "on earth as it is in Heaven." So yes, it's possible. And if sharing my story, my thoughts, a part of my life, a part of me, can help just one person, just one... in some way, for good...

Everything I've ever endured would ABSOLUTELY be worth it!

Thanks for allowing me to be part of this unity, and for providing me the opportunity to introduce myself!

There's more that I'd like to share with regard to specific events over my lifetime, things people have said, etc. but it's quite a lot.

I guess we'll see how this works!

May you be Blessed beyond all measure by The Living God, Whose Name in the flesh is Yahushua/Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah!

“Because of You, Jesus, I'm Alive! Thank You, Abba, Father! All things are possible with You!”

Jason Eastman

My testimony starts before my birth. While
pregnant with me, my mom was told by the
doctors that during my development my spine
hadn't fused together properly and diagnosed
me with spinal bifida. I was to be paralyzed from
the neck down for my whole life, never able to
feed myself and possibly even in a vegetative
state. She was encouraged to get an abortion.
Through a lot of fervent prayer from my
parents, my dad said God told him, "I don't make
trash". They went back for another ultrasound and the doctors couldn't explain it, my spine had
been healed and they called it a medical miracle.
Now I'm a professional athlete in the ultimate
combat sport. God still moves!
My parents divorced when I was a few years old
and they both remarried. I wasn't happy with
my home life and became a very angry teenager,
acting out at school and eventually turning to
drugs and gang activity. Thank Jesus, this was
short lived. I was sent to live at my dads house a
couple of hours away for the next school year,
where through discipline, structure and the
Holy Spirit I was changed for the better and
permanently set on the right track.
Though some of my struggles continued for
years with women and lust, eventually I met a girl named Mariah, who is now my wife. And
through our dating phase, with lots of prayer
and fasting, I was radically delivered from the
spirit of lust and struggling with porn and sex
addiction. We remained pure throughout our
whole dating relationship and saved intimacy
for each other until marriage. In our obedience,
God has really blessed our marriage, and we are
now expecting a child. God is good. There is
nothing that he can't redeem. And He still

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Isaiah Tatum

Thank you God for Your Redirection in my misdirection!
Thank you God for My Life! I’m Blessed!
Thank you God for My Wife!
Thank you God for My Daughter!
Thank you God for My Entire Family, even the one’s that can’t stand me!
Thank you God for My Health!
Thank you God for My Wealth!
Thank you God for the Opportunity
to Praise Everything You Are!
Thank you God That You Are Never Far!
With All My Life I Will Continue To Praise You!!
This is my testimony, I promise This God Will Save You!!!

You Are Amazing!!!

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Julie Wilkerson

Hi Isaiah, Eric told me about your new website. I love it! What a great way to share your testimony and the good news of Jesus and his father! I am putting your website in our church bulletin this Sunday and I will tell everyone to check it out, spread the word, and hopefully purchase some merchandise. If you're ever back in Iowa we would love to have you speak again and update us on your story, life, and your enthusiasm to share the Good News of God Almighty and Jesus Christ. God bless you, Julie Wilkerson

Isaiah Tatum

God has blessed me to keep growing and has helped me to stay focused on LOVE through life’s chaos!
I’m excited to continue to serve the Lord and share with others how good God is🙏🏾

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Zachary Trulson

In the spring of April 1998 I fell from 25 feet in the air and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was lifeflighted to St. Francis childrens hospital in Peoria IL. As I laid there in the hospital bed in ACOMA for 2.5 weeks the doctors and nurses told my parents that I would never be able to walk talk or do anything for myself ever again. Little did they know through the power of GOD and prayers I was determined to beat all those odds. Throughout school afterwards I wrestled, played baseball, and football. I showed the world what the power of prayers could do. I never took no for an answer and still to this day I don’t. Now at 30 years old I am a very successful father and man. I provide for my wife and all four children as a truck driver transporting necessities all over the United States!

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Alain Almario

Having Asperger’s Syndrome can make one feel left out, like an outcast. Not being properly brought up in the Catholic faith, and having to explore that faith on your own, can also be hard. Here are two struggles for me. I admit I am a broken person, wanting to be pieced back together by my Creator. As a young adult wanted to experience and explore my own faith. Attending Bible study in my mid-twenties was were I met on of my close friends who introduced me to my current parish, Our Lady of Lourdes. It is here I felt home, where I really got to know God through Mary. It was frequently going to church and prayers that He opened the door to my vocation(s). Many times alI have fallen since joining my parish, but no matter how many times I fell or stumbled, God was always assuring me, “You are my beloved child, with whom I am well pleased.” Mother Mary has indeed obtained answers to many intentions that I have offered into her hands to the Father. Because I love my God and Lord, and my parish, I have felt inspired to serve Him with all my heart, my soul, mind, and my strength.
Jesus once asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”, with Peter correctly answering, “You are the Christ, the Son of God.” Ergo, my challenge for you and for myself is asking Jesus, “who do You, Lord, say that I am (to You)?”
When you run out of love, hope, strength, patience, God will lovingly replenish you. Just come to Him. He is waiting.

Ryne kesl

Philippines 4:13

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Pacie Hook

I was in the 1st grade, and one of my old friends named Damon invited me to go to this Christian organization called Awana at my church I go to now, Bethel Baptist Church. I knew nothing about who God was, so of course I felt like an outcast. I started going on the regular, and thank goodness the church was just a block away. I would walk there at such a young age. And I would walk home in the dark night. Then in the summer of my 2nd grade year, My mom found a church camp in Yates City, Illinois, called Faith Bible Camp. I went for a week (overnight camp) and on the last day, I accepted Christ into my heart. I now attend church every Sunday, and help out with the Awana organization on Wednesdays. I met this guy, named Michael Pendleton. He is my boyfriend, and he started coming with me to youth group every Sunday. I’m glad I found Christian friends. I have no family support who goes to church with me, or youth group. I just go alone. Or with michael and my friends jenny and Matthew. God is doing great things for me. ❤️ 15 years of this wonderful life with God, many more years to go! Thank you.

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