My thoughts on our present times

Where I come from is where people want to go! Think about what I just said, I come from God so Heaven is the goal!  Sometimes words aren’t given how you want them to be. Matter a fact that’s a lot of things in this world, it feels like it cost to breathe!

It’s 2017 what are we doing? You’d think back in the 90s by now life would be just amazing, but now this worlds in ruin! Still debating if Jesus is white or brown, the real point is he came to save us all. I’m a Christian that’s a fact!  Colin Kapernick is doing something and staying strong but what’s crazy is History repeats itself that’s why we all can’t get along! The NFL is losing fans because one man for his coz took a knee, but it took that one man to do something that brings real awareness to what people already do or don’t want to see! You know it’s real, and for you to say people of different color don’t get treated different by people of different color means the fantasy you’re in is just that, it’s not real! Wow, did you peep what I said before you either negated it, got mad or agreed? I said a lot of people are racist. We see it everyday. White against Brown, Brown against White, Brown against Brown and white against white. Why must we still today let color be reason to fight?

Let the love God continues to show you be reason to join the real fight! We all have an enemy that wants us to suffer whether it’s in this life or the next, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t play his games and let evil spirits steal your joy in moments that are meant to be lived by you, kill off what your goals are for today, tomorrow or in this life, and destroy any hope of things always getting better no matter the pain you may have felt.

God got you! John 10:10 reminds us despite how life looks right now Jesus has come so you can still have life to the fullest. Don’t let your situation define you, you define yourself being able to fall and get back up every time! Though you may have lost battles the war is to be won by using the strength gained through the word of God. He’s already won so you just have to trust him and stay close, even if you drift away from God your sincere desire to comeback is as easy as breathing your next breath!

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