Another battle to face that God has already won!

So on May 11th, 2018 I was back in my college city of Des Moines, IA. What brought me back was our 10 year college wrestling reunion!

I had all these plans to do a lot of fun things, but what happened was not planned for! Feeling good in a room of studs, we all were just scraping and Wrestling! What we do at every wrestling practice! It’s why GV has become a dynasty, it’s simple. We fight!

After going Greco which is my current focus on the senior level with a couple OGs of the program, Brandon “Busyy” Wright and Tanner Werner. I then decided to wrestle a freestyle go with one of the guys in the room that I was not familiar with!

We smacked hands to signal the start of our go, what happened next was the moment I believe God took control and didn’t punish me but allowed me the opportunity to once again achieve greatness for his Glory! I shot a blast double, the shot that won me plenty of go’s through my entire Wrestling career.

The guy reacted, I stepped up with my left foot and then I drove off of it for it then twist and pop. Forcing me to the ground, I was rather calm! I looked at my ankle, it was side ways. I put it back in place. Stood up, walked to the bench, took my shoe and sock off to look at it! It was swollen but the power of Christ love kept me calm. Our trainer came to see me and had me go to the training room. She was telling me to go the ER so I went to hear the news that tried to defeat but only encouraged another testimony to be! I fractured my fibula, could of been way worse right? Time and patience will be needed, surgery is needed. I’m having a scope of my ankle to ensure no future complications and also closing the space created. I will be eating good things for the strength of my bones, but most importantly watching God work one of his mighty wonders yet again in my life! I’m encouraged today to let you know that God got me, God Got You! Pray for me! I’m praying for you! I love you!



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