Walk with God!!

I may not know more things than others but I know Jesus!

We must wear our own shoes, we can’t fill another’s!

In this life you’ll have many choices. Make sure you Walk with the Master!(God)

My joy and hope is in the Lord! Trust God!

Trust God because life is uncertain and unpredictable!

We must live and die walking with God!

When we walk with others, it leads to them leading us where we don’t always need to go, or they walk away from us!

The price you pay for flying high is turbulence!

God will pick us back up each time we fall. Why? Is because we are in God and trust God!

There’s ways that look righteous to man but leads to destruction!

If We serve the same God we must try to work together to better the world around us! There’s only one way into heaven and no way out of Hell!

Whenever you see a believer, keep them sharp and on point!

If you are alone right now and trust God realize this, “God has me isolated from others to see I’m walking with God” ??

Integrity is living for God!

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away!!!

I shall not be moved!!

With confidence and Victory claim,

“My destination will be reached!!”

Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving with God! What comes from the heart fills the heart!!


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